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DeVry University
DeVry University has more than 90 campuses which are sprawled across North America. It offers a number of bachelor’s and master’s courses in fields such as technology, IT, science, medicine, etc. It has a college of health sciences that provides degrees such as ultrasound diagnosis and focuses on teaching through experience.

University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix, located in Phoenix, Arizona has more than 200 campuses worldwide and offers campus based and online courses at a number of levels such as bachelor’s and master’s level. It’s college of natural sciences offer degree programs in fields including ultrasound diagnosis that ensure that a student has a strong academic base.

Kaplan University
Kaplan University has a campus based as well as online degree based programs, although the online courses are more popular. Its school of health sciences offers courses including ultrasound diagnosis that offers degrees at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, both online and residential.

Post University
Post University is situated in Connecticut and is has popular master’s and bachelor’s courses. It has a variety of medical courses, both at the master’s and bachelor’s level and provides a solid foundation in medical sciences, including ultrasound diagnostics as well.

Fortis University provides higher education in both traditional and non traditional online methods to students. It has a number of campuses spread throughout the US, and provides various medical sciences courses including ultrasound diagnostics which emphasize on learning through practical experience.

Capella University
Capella University is an online accredited university that provides courses to your home, online. It offers a number of health care and nursing courses, including ultrasound diagnostics that you can pursue at your convenience. Moreover, it provides a huge boost to your career.

Ultimate Medical Academy
Ultimate Medical Academy is one of the pioneers in medical education, both at the undergraduate and master’s level. It provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge in various fields, including ultrasound diagnostics, and imbibes the medical knowledge firmly in you.

Penn Foster Career School
Penn Foster Career School is basically a distance education oriented school. It has various career programs, diploma programs and career programs that you can attain at your own convenience. It has a well established medical school as well, and they teach you at various levels and various fields, including ultrasound diagnostics.

Virginia College
Virginia College is a higher education university that offers courses in various certificate courses, diplomas and degrees at various levels and in various fields such as technical, medical, sciences, etc. It also provides online degree programs. Its medical school is well established and provides a variety of courses, one of which related to ultrasound diagnostics.


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